Armstrong recently went off out of his most readily useful leaders reputation amidst allegations from intimate misconduct and you will lawsuits – Patrick Wamhoff For CoServ Board Of Directors

Armstrong recently went off out of his most readily useful leaders reputation amidst allegations from intimate misconduct and you will lawsuits

Armstrong recently went off out of his most readily useful leaders reputation amidst allegations from intimate misconduct and you will lawsuits

Church out of Cosmic Origin, Pledge Troxell, Summer Lake, CA: Modern, People, Cosmic Christianity, even more scripture has The book regarding Enoch.

Church out of Extremely important Technology, Scottsdale, AZ: Kabbalah, cosmic guidelines of Divine spark to attain salvation, Goodness are All in the start.

Chapel out-of Freethought: A social team to have atheists that provide brand new ventures to own connection, area provider, and you can societal help supplied by theistic church buildings.

Church out of Jesus Evangelistic Organization, David J. Smith, Richardson, TX: Armstrongism splinter category. Rejects Trinity, character of the Holy Soul, therefore the actual resurrection. Teaches annihilationism, salvation by-law-keeping, Sabbatarianism, and this guy becomes a member of “the God nearest and dearest” (Godhead).

Church of Goodness, (Abrahamic Trust), Wenatchee, WA: Adventist category, just as the Bible People communities; rejects the fresh Trinity, teaches annihilationism. Posts Notes Getting Bible People publication.

Church off Jesus, All over the world, Garner Ted Armstrong, Tyler, TX: Armstrongism crack-off class. Posts this new Internationally News and Twentieth century Observe guides.

Reputation available

Church off God, Seventh day, Caldwell, ID: Sabbatarianism; notices Sabbath and you will Banquet days; baptism necessary for salvation (come across baptismal regeneration). Publishes The fresh Herald from Knowledge publication.

Publishes Newswatch Mag and you may Newswatch radio and tv programs

Church regarding God (seventh Go out) Salem, WV: Rejects the latest Trinity; teaches Sabbatarianism; notices Feast days and you may Sabbath; baptism necessary for salvation (get a hold of baptismal regeneration). Publishes The fresh Endorse off Specifics newsletter.

Church away from Goodness Christ regarding Latter-go out Saints, The brand new, Joseph Smith, Sodium Lake Area, UT: (Latter-day Saints, LDS, Mormonism) Main human anatomy regarding Mormonism; understands Brigham Young because Smith’s successor. Smith reported that Father and you can Kid did actually your and you can named your to restore the true Church. LDS Church teaches that Goodness the father was previously a man and you can is actually exalted to Godhood. God (with his heavenly Wife) begat billions of spirit college students, the newest firstborn away from who is Goodness. Lucifer are the first choice from God’s rebellious heart children. Men and women morale exactly who didn’t break the rules feel people in check to begin procedure possibly leading to exaltation to Godhood. God, yet not, turned a goodness while just a spirit. The guy arranged our world that’s Jehovah, the fresh Jesus away from Israel. They are another type of and you can under God so you’re able to Elohim, the father. An improvement is created involving the Holy Ghost, who is a beneficial personage off Spirit, together with Holy Heart. Aforementioned are a great divine times, push, or religious essence one fulfills brand new universe and is employed by all of the three people in the latest Godhead from the do so and accomplishment of their often. The Chapel rejects brand new orthodox philosophy of the Trinity. Additionally redefines salvation of the elegance to mention only to resurrection. The majority of humans would-be resurrected to your certainly three kingdoms from fame, minimum of from which is actually much a lot better than some thing recognized inside the this lifetime. Entry into highest kingdoms, and you can an individual’s rating around, depends not merely on the brand new atonement away from Christ, also on a person’s a good work. Achievement of your own high possible from inside the large empire-Godhood-requires complete “behavior to any or all laws and you may ordinances of one’s gospel.” The fresh Bible, Publication of Mormon, Pearl of good Rate, and Philosophy and you can Covenants all are sensed scripture. Publishes Chapel Development and you will Ensign journal. Browse material available.

Church out-of Goodness Electricity, Age.S. Cooke, Sr., Boulder Urban area, NV: Astral projection via “God Driven Sakraments” (sic) and that transform mans electro-magnetized polarity.

Chapel regarding White, Elbert Benjamin, Los angeles, CA: Modern age, Of Brotherhood out-of Light, rejects eden and you will hell. Atonement that can be found within the each individual’s individual street.

Church of Metaphysical Christianity, Russell Flexer, Sarasota, FL: Modern age, God was Ascended Learn, Development of the Oscillations. Posts Metaphysical Live messenger journal.

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