Biography – Patrick Wamhoff For CoServ Board Of Directors

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A Man With A Plan

A loyal community activist with a heart for service and drive for success, Patrick Wamhoff has been described by his peers as a leader, initiator, activist and compassionate man with both honor and integrity.

Who is he?

Patrick is an Air Force veteran and international business man that travels around the world to help companies increase revenue and customer satisfaction through their protection and warranty programs. This gives him a diverse advantage that only serves to add more value to the benefits he has to offer the Board. With exposure to more than 25 different countries and the ability to understand the needs and cultural differences of several backgrounds, this makes Patrick well-equipped to communicate successfully and compassionately to all members of the community – ensuring they are represented equally and effectively.

He has been an active and well-respected leader in the telecommunications/technology vertical for more than a decade now – a skill set that will transfer seamlessly to the expansion efforts expected from the utilities industry and enable him to add tremendous value to the CoServ board from the beginning.

“We have observed technology configure our lives by advancing the manner in which we convey 
expanding information and live better lives entirely. We can be certain that technological advances will assume an imperative position in how to increase energy proficiency and use smart technology to conserve our members funds.”
~Patrick Wamhoff
He is also a loving father, supportive husband and active community leader with a passion for people and a heartfelt desire make sure your voice is heard.

“if you don’t have a voice, you don’t have a choice.”

How does he serve the community?

His passion for problem solving and the fact that he’s already an active member of the CoServ community makes him a natural selection when it comes to member representation. This accessibility is a key factor when it comes to ensuring members know where to go to express their opinions. When Patrick is not working, you can easily find him at the following community gatherings:

  • All Windsor Place HOA meetings (Patrick is the current HOA president)
  • Stonebriar community church services with his wife and three children
  • Veterans organization volunteer initiatives and local meetings
  • Local community meetings
  • And Patrick also contributes his time volunteering for animal rescue and adoption

He cares about giving time to the community in an effort to help it thrive and prosper. And he possesses a strong desire to be a leader you can count on.

“You may not always have the answer, but always strive to give feedback in a timely manner to validate the question.”

What is his proactive approach for members?

Patrick relishes the opportunity to bridge the gap between what he knows from his vast experience in the technology industry and how that knowledge can better serve CoServe members when it comes to advancing the organization’s approach to effective and cost-efficient energy consumption.

“As the population density accelerates inside CoServ’s service region, we need creative and strategic thinking to bring a considerably more dependable product to members – while discovering approaches to keep costs down in an ever-changing and ultra-competitive industry. The presentation of new smart home technology will create a need to adjust and present new services, or cooperate by joining forces with technology suppliers.”

Why is he so passionate about this opportunity?

A self-proclaimed people person, Patrick thrives on helping others. He is passionate about educating members on the power of their voice and ensuring they have the opportunity to make their opinions heard on important issues that impact the North Texas community:

  • This includes ensuring that the next substation isn’t run through the playground on one of your children’s schools, or some other undesirable location.
  • Or mandating that power lines are “buried” or placed strategically out of sight when on major streets and throughways.
  • And these are just a few examples of the decisions he will be ensuring your input on.

As a CoServ member, you need to have a say in the future growth plans of our energy co-op. And Patrick’s charge is to make sure you do.

“So many members don’t realize they have a choice surrounding who sits on the Board of their Co-op. They don’t understand what a co-op is. I hope to help bridge that knowledge gap, so they can feel empowered by their voice and start using it to support positive growth in and around our co-op community.”


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