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“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.”

A man with a natural tendency to go above and beyond in all his endeavors, and a true passion for people, Patrick Wamhoff is an international business man, Air Force veteran, a loving father, supportive husband and active community facilitator. In short, he’s just the type of individual that thrives in leadership roles such as the one he’s petitioning for now: your new CoServ Board member.

Patrick is a New York native who has been charmed by the North Texas community for more than a decade now. And he is excited about this opportunity to give back to his peers by representing you on important topics such as:

  • Cost-efficient energy
  • Transparency around energy proposals (includes full disclosure around future substation locations, burying the lines protocols, etc.)
  • Trailblazing initiatives (includes exploring the potential for lowering the barrier of entry for solar)
  • Voter education

Why is this important to you?

Because, as a CoServ member, it’s your voice that will help guide the future plans of our co-op and how they manifest in our community.

The CoServ organization runs on the support and interest of its members. And one of the primary obligations of each member chosen to represent you on the CoServ board is to “develop programs and carry out plans based on the ideals that reflect the thinking of CoServ members,” according to the NRECA published responsibilities of the board.

Patrick is already a foundational member of the North Texas CoServ community that can be found at many of the public events and meetings. This accessibility offers a monumental advantage when it comes to ensuring your opinions and desires are represented adequately.

The benefits of change

And as a new prospective board member, Patrick brings with him the benefits of change:

  • Fresh perspective
  • New and innovative ideas
  • A beginner’s attitude that is untainted and unsaturated
  • The untapped drive that comes with new opportunity
  • A burning desire to achieve

Patrick loves his community and has an unwavering desire to ensure your voices are heard.
Why? Because he’s one of you. He’s not a politician looking to blaze a trail. He’s a devoted family man and community activist who truly believes that each member is deserving of representation. And, based on his philosophy, of over-representation. He will always go above and beyond to ensure you’re represented well.

“I am excited to endorse Patrick Wamhoff for the CoServ Board of Directors. Patrick is a tireless activist and hard worker. Patrick cares a great deal about our community in North Texas, and has promised to be transparent and responsive to all CoServe members. I ask you to vote for Patrick Wamhoff for CoServ Board of Directors.”
~SREC Representative Jill Glover

Meet Patrick Wamhoff

  • Focus on Keeping Energy Rates Low
  • Add More Sources of Clean Power
  • Fight to Protect the Electric Grid
  • Increase Transparency
  • Protect Members Information
  • Engage with CoServ Members
  • Be a Grassroots Voice for all Members

election date: ballot will be mailed on August 25th.  The Texas Co-op Power magazine should start arriving in your mailbox on or shortly after August 26th


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